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If a domestic issue is unsettling your family, it’s time to consult with a skilled and compassionate attorney. At Kohl, Harris, Nolan & McCarthy, P.C. in Metamora, we have been representing clients throughout Michigan in family law matters since 1993. Our dedicated legal team is committed to providing clients with trusted representation on a range of sensitive issues. Whether you need counsel for a juvenile delinquency proceeding, contested divorce, or custody battle, or help modifying a child support order, you can trust our firm to protect your rights and interests. With 95 years of combined experience, our lawyers have the skill and background to resolve even the most challenging family law issues.

Filing for divorce in Michigan

When it comes to divorce, Michigan is a no-fault state. This means that if you wish to divorce your spouse, you do not have to prove that he or she committed any wrongdoing. Instead, you may cite that your marriage has broken down and is irreparable. To file for divorce in Michigan, you must have lived in the state for at least six months.

If you and your spouse agree on issues such as child custody, spousal support, and the division of property and assets, our firm can help you draft a divorce agreement so you can part ways and start your new lives as quickly as possible. Should you or your spouse disagree on custody, spousal support, or property division, you will need the court’s assistance. As skilled litigators, our legal team can protect your property, assets, interests, and parental rights by fighting for you in court.  It is important to keep in mind that while Michigan does not require fault on either party for a divorce proceeding, misconduct such as adultery may affect a judge’s decision regarding spousal support or property division.

Resolving child custody and child support issues

Child custody arguments often lead to the most heated divorce proceedings. At our firm, we concentrate on protecting the welfare of your children in addition to your rights as a parent. Having a deep understanding of custody laws in Michigan, our attorneys can work diligently to help you and your spouse come to a fair custody agreement.

Depending on the circumstances of your child custody case, you may be granted the following types of custody:

  • Legal — Legal custody involves making decisions about your child’s health, medical care, education, religion, and other issues.
  • Physical — Physical custody refers to whom your child will live with.

Whenever possible, the court favors joint legal custody, where both parents are involved in making decisions in a child’s life even if parents don’t have joint physical custody. Under normal custody circumstances, the noncustodial parent is allowed standard parenting time with his or her child. A court may restrict parenting time if the noncustodial parent is deemed abusive or a threat to the child’s well-being.

Additionally, the court will order that the noncustodial parent pay child support. This is payment made to the custodial parent for the raising of a couple’s child. Our legal team can assist you in modifying an existing child support order if your financial circumstances have changed significantly.

Representing minors in juvenile delinquency proceedings

In Michigan, if your son or daughter commits a crime or status offense and is under the age of 17, he or she will be tried in juvenile court, part of the family court system. If convicted, your child may be penalized with probation, anger management classes, substance abuse counseling, educational classes, community service, restitution, or detention at a juvenile facility.

Whether your child is accused of truancy, curfew violations, drug possession, or other offenses, our professional legal team is ready to represent him or her with the highest level of legal service. The moment you seek our counsel, we carefully review your case, gather evidence, and build your child a solid defense. We can attend the initial hearing with your son or daughter and ensure their rights are protected.

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