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Divorce or Family Law Lawyers in Metamora or All of Lapeer County Michigan

Do you need a divorce lawyer in Metamora or Lapeer County Michigan? Do you need a lawyer that has vast experience in matters of family law? If so then you need the services of the law firm, located in Metamora, Michigan of Kohl Harris Nolan, McCarthy, P.C

Divorce is never pleasant. There are many different matters that will come up during the course of divorce proceedings. Issues of child custody, support payments, division of assets and so much more. Of course there are also the emotional factors that will come into play during the course of divorce proceedings.

With all of the various issues to contend with, the last thing that you want to worry about is your divorce lawyer and how familiar that person or firm is with matters of family law. We have years of experience practicing all matters of family law or divorce in Michigan. We will work to assure equitable settlements in your divorce case. We will work to assure that one party does not benefit unfairly in the divorce proceeding and final divorce decree.

What about after the divorce has become final? Do you need an experienced family law attorney in Metamora or the greater Lapeer County Michigan area? Are you having problems with visitation issues? Are there problems with support payments? We can help when it comes to collecting child support by helping you walk through the Friend of the Court. Has your situation changed, meaning that you can no longer afford the ordered amount of support? We can help with your appeal to the Friend of the Court. We are experienced and practiced in all areas of family law in Michigan and will work to resolve any issues that you may be facing.

Don't be unprepared. You need a divorce lawyer with experience. You need a lawyer knowledgeable in all matters of family law. You need the lawyers located in Metamora, Michigan that serve all of Lapeer County Michigan. You need Kohl Harris Nolan, McCarthy, P.C

To learn more about how we can help as divorce lawyers or family law lawyers contact us so that we may review your particular case of divorce or family law in Metamora, Michigan or Lapeer County.

We can help you with many other areas of the law besides divorce or family law. Take a look at the additional areas that we may be of service to you when you need a lawyer in the Lapeer County or Metamora areas of Michigan. Click here to view areas of legal practice.

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