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Corporate or Business Lawyers in Michigan to Represent Your Business in All Legal Matters

Every business in Michigan should always have a good business lawyer or corporate lawyer legal counsel. At the law firm of Kohl Harris Nolan, McCarthy, P.C one of the areas of law that we specialize in is business law. Business law in Michigan takes in many different areas of skill, knowledge and expertise and we posess the skills necessary for your business legal needs. Some of the areas of business law or corporate counsel that we cover are listed below:

  • Business Entities: Starting a new business? We can help you establish your legal business entity. We can help to advise you on the best form of business entity that you should establish for legal protections and for tax purposes. In addition we will file all necessary papers required with the state of Michigan for your new business.
  • Business Litigation: At some point or another, it seems that most every business is involved in some sort of litigation. We're there when you need us. We have the resources necessary to delve into any business litigation matter. We stay closely in touch with you throughout the entire process. We'll advise you of the cost/benefit of litigation or settlement. But most of all, we'll fight all the way to the Supreme Court if that is what is required for your business litigation matter in Michigan.
  • Business Transactions: We're there for you in any business transaction, whether you feel you need legal counsel before purchasing equipment, real estate or even buying another business. We'll help you to decide if the business transaction is right for you by explaining anything that you don't understand along with advising you whether there are any potential flaws that would hinder your business because of the business transaction.
  • Business Contracts: Need to have a business contract drawn up? We'll create a contract for you that covers any business situation that you are involved in. From employment contracts or issues to the purchase or sale of a business or assets, we will design a business contract that is equitable to all parties involed.
  • Commercial Law: Are you aware of the laws that may govern your business in Michigan? Would you be surprised to learn that something that you though made sense was in fact against the law? Would you be surprised to learn that the sale or rental of certain items that you think would be a great profit center for your commercial business may be banned in Michigan? We're here to help you avoid situations or we'll be by your side if you happen to fall afoul of the law.
  • Trademarks or Copyrights: Register your Michigan business trademark or copyright your materials. Don't know how to go about the process or don't have the time required for it? As your business lawyers in Michigan, we will help you to establish your business trademark or business copyrights.
    We've all heard stories over the years of businesses that have won large judgements against another business in trademark or copyright disputes. If you feel that someone is infringing upon your copyright or trademark, we're here to help you with cease and desist orders or to help file the necessary legal filing required to begin suit against another.
  • Environmental Issues: If you need legal representation for your business regarding environmental issues, we can help. We can help to get certain environmental restrictions waived when they don't really make sense or we will defend you if you happen to be accused of violating environmental issues in Michigan.

At Kohl Harris Nolan, McCarthy, P.C, we are seasoned Michigan business lawyers. We're here to help you get started in your Michigan business or to help your business grow. We're here for your Michigan business when you need to have your rights of permissions enforced and we're here when you need us for other legal business matters in Michigan.

Don't let your business go another day without a worthwhile business lawyer in Michigan to represent your business.

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